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We are.


We are truly a noteworthy company, one with a history of well-to-do in service, technologies and integration. We are pioneers in providing “end-to-end” IT infrastructure solutions to institutions, industries and enterprises.


We were founded in the year 1999 to offer combined premium technology solutions and services to various small and medium organizations. Over the years, we expanded our horizons to serve enormous SMB’s and Enterprises in India. While offering technology solutions for “two”  decades we are lead by a vastly qualified group of professionals, whose collective background consists of years of business development, technology, design, administration and customer service experiences.

This “in-depth” experience is well-formed for offering technology solutions to government agencies, transportation, distribution, manufacturing, education, hospitals and retail sector.


We are a team, a company, proud to be the leading IT solution provider, marketer of premium IT products and services in India.

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